French company founded in 1984 by Jean-Louis HERVY, SAPEX is a public limited liability company, with the majority share capital held by its executives. Its sector of activity "HEALTH", its strong presence in the former Soviet Union, coupled with an imaginative development policy explain the company's success: in 15 years, turnover at SAPEX has increased from 1 to 7.5 million euros.

Activity at SAPEX revolves around three main axes:

representation of medical device manufacturing companies in our area
distribution of medical equipment
These three activities are supported by a real technical service (installation, maintenance and guaranteed on-site user training by specialists).
"Turnkey Hospital".

Activity at SAPEX is exclusively destined for export, in a preferential area comprised of countries of the former Soviet Union, Bulgaria and countries in the Mediterranean basin.
To summarise in a few figures:

95% of SAPEX turnover is destined for exportation,
70% of its exportations comprise material of French origin,
60% of its activities are undertaken in the former Soviet Union, 10% in Bulgaria,
a material stock valued in excess of 100 million euros, constitute its references.
It can be stated today that SAPEX is recognised as the French specialist in the exportation of hospital equipment to Eastern Europe.

SAPEX is established in countries such as the Russian Federation, Bulgaria, Uzbekistan, Belarussia.
Professionals are at your disposal on site: do not hesitate to contact them!

Its development strategy aims to expand its activities to new sectors:

medical laboratories,
customer service and maintenance of equipment sold by third parties,
equipment reconditioning.